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Welcome to Spiderman Gamez.com! You have found the most comprehensive collection of free Spiderman games online. Our games are catagorized for your convenience. You can choose from Spiderman 3 Games, Spiderman Grappling Games, Spiderman Kids Games, Spiderman Fighting Games, Spiderman Adventure Games, and Spiderman Puzzle Games. Simply put, when it comes to Spiderman games: if you want it, we got it. Enjoy...


Spiderman 3 Games

Spiderman 3 Photo Hunt
This Spiderman game is reminiscent of Pokemon Snap. Take your best picture of Spiderman or explore hidden place and take pictures of villains.
Sandman's Tower
Climb up the building, avoiding enemies and gathering points in this worthy Spiderman game.
Battle Within
This free Spiderman 3 game is from the third movie release. Will Spiderman overcome the dark side?
Rescue Mary Jane
Race the clock, jumping from web to web to reach Mary Jane in each stage. From the 3rd Movie.

Spider Man Grappling Games

Spiderman Underoos
This is a really amusing and free online Spiderman game. Click to sling your web and grab t-shirts and boxer pants.
Double Wires
See how far you can swing in the original web-slinging game. Graphics aren't great, but gameplay is challenging.
Double Wires 2
Another rag doll web-slinger game. Different graphics, different challenges. Spiderman never looked stranger.
Bendy Spiderman
This is a fun web-slinging Spiderman game. Make the distance and beat your best score!
Dark Bendy Spiderman
Spiderman is a rag doll character flying through the night sky in this web-slinger inspired by Spiderman 3. See how far you can swing.
Spiderman Experiement
In this Spiderman game, use your arrow keys and your mouse to run, jump, and sling your web to climb around the buildings.
City Raid
Another web-slinging Spiderman game. Only this time Spiderman looks more like Spawn because he is swinging by chains.

Spiderman Kids Games

Custom Spiderman
An awesome Spiderman dress up game where you can pretty much customize everything.
Customize Spiderman by changing six pieces of his outfit from many different choices.
Little Spider Man Paint
Paint Spiderman from a large color pallet. Watch the volume on your computer though
Spiderman Coloring
You can fill in the parts different parts of the Spiderman scene that need color, but I think it would be cooler to just print it out blank and use crayons.
Acrobat Spider Man
Help Spiderman swing from web to web acrobat-style in this online spiderman game

Spiderman Fighting Games

Marvel Tribute
Fight as Spider Man or other Marvel characters in this classic arcade-style fighting game
Bloody Rage
This is an awesome button masher fighting game in which you can choose among Spiderman and other characters. Hone your skills and subdue your opponent
Bloody Rage 2
Awesome 3D sequal to Bloody Rage. Can you master this one as well?

Spiderman Adventure Games

Spider Man in NY
Shoot webbing at bad guys with machine guns. Use timing to avoid obstacles and watch your HP to make it to the boss in this free Spiderman game!
Doc Ock Rampage
Destroy buildings and cars and try to survive in this fun Spiderman throwback game.
Running Peter Parker
This is the only Spider Man game I know where you don't play as Spiderman. Use your arrow keys at the queues to navigate through the levels.
Spiderman Adventure
This is not much of a Spiderman game, but it is still amusing. Choose among different routes to take and see how it plays out!
Spiderman Adventure 2
If you made it to the end of Spiderman Adventure, this follows up where you left off...in the jungle. Continue trying to make the right decision to keep Spiderman alive!
Spiderman Adventure 3
This Spiderman saga continues in the volcano. Try to get Spiderman out alive. This one is a little more challenging.

Spiderman Puzzle Games

Puzzle Madness Spiderman
Click the pieces to pick them up. Click them more to rotate them and get them where they need to be. The most challenging Spiderman puzzle I've seen to date!
Punisher Annual Fix My Tiles
This is an illustration of Spiderman and Punisher. Press the red button to get a tile, put it where it goes, repeat. Do it more for the art than the challenge.
Photo Mess Ultimates
This is another Spiderman puzzle where you click to swap. This one features so very impressive art work.
Web of Words
Type in words from the scrambled letters given to get points and survive Doc Ock's onslaught in this free Spiderman game.
Spiderman Tile 2
Click the tiles to swap them around until you complete the puzzle. Do so as quickly as possible.
Spiderman Villians Chase
Again, a red button tile “puzzle” that you should respect for the illustrative talent and music. Features Spiderman, Doc Ock, Venom, and Green Goblin.
Spiderman Movie Trivia
Answer general Spiderman trivia questions and questions about all three movies. I hope I didn't give anything away...
Spider Girl Puzzle
Girl Fight! Like the other tile puzzles, you're gonna use the red button. The music with this one is kinda creepy.
Spiderman 3 Jigsaw
Choose the number of pieces for Spiderman puzzle. Also choose what kind of pieces to use and there are two different movie posters to do.
Spiderman Memory
Match all the Spiderman memory cards to view the different movie posters!
Slide Tile
Spiderman tile puzzle where you choose your difficulty setting and move the tiles around by utilizing your one empty space.
Spiderman 2 Puzzle
Like a lot of other Spiderman puzzles, you get to choose your difficulty on this one too. This Spiderman puzzle resembles the poster for the second movie release.
Spiderman Batman War
Choose between Spiderman and Batman cartoon pinball machines in which you would like to play. Try both to see which one is cooler!
Black Spiderman Puzzle
Choose how many pieces you want in this Black Spiderman puzzle game from Spiderman 3.
Spiderman 3 Memory
Select your skill level and find all the matches in this Spiderman memory game with pictures from third Spiderman movie.

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